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Large Vaccine Producer Uses InfoBatch to Generate SIP Reports

Project Requirements:

  • Configure reports to determine whether the SIP cycle has passed or failed
  • Reports need to be generated upon completion of a specific batch event
  • Create an interim report to be generated mid-batch, informing operators of batch status
  • Reports should include information such as critical process parameters, batch data, alarms, events, operator actions, batch commands, cycle times
  • System must be able to retrieve data from existing DeltaV system


  • Informetric Systems InfoBatch


  • All project requirements were implemented seamlessly, without any disruption to production
  • Configuration and maintenance of reports were simplified to simple point-and-click operations
  • Operators utilize the interim batch report to make a critical decision on whether to proceed with the addition of raw materials
  • Using InfoBatch, reports are automatically generated at the end of a SIP cycle and these reports are sent to print in the production area