AgileDoc® Elements

Controlled Data Management

Manufacturing sites face constant challenges maintaining accurate, up-to-date system documents. Whether driven by regulatory requirements or simply a desire to maintain good engineering practices, automation users spend considerable effort generating system lifecycle documentation. AgileDoc Software Lifecycle Document tools address this complexity by automatically generating much of the required system documentation.

AgileDoc® Elements further reduces documentation costs and ensures compliance by managing information that is critical for effective lifecycle management, but may not necessarily originate from the manufacturing systems. For example, functional requirements, revision histories, detailed text descriptions and annotation, and expected test results may not be available in a suitable electronic format. AgileDoc® Elements provides a secure, configurable environment for managing this critical information.

AgileDoc® Elements features include:

AgileDoc Elements
  • Configurable data models
  • Reusable object definitions
  • Typed data
  • Input data validation
  • Configuration and data version control
  • Complete traceability for configuration and data entry
  • Intuitive web application for data entry and access
  • Data integrity maintained throughout the system configuration lifecycle
  • Straightforward data access from third-party applications and tools

AgileDoc® Elements is a server based software suite that incorporates a Microsoft SQL Server database engine. Authorized users create hierarchical models through a structured configurator. Models include object and attribute definitions, input validation rules, and the hierarchical structure that is presented to client users. Models are managed under strict version control, ensuring traceability and data integrity as the system is adapted to changing business requirements.

Authorized users interact with AgileDoc® Elements through desktop web browsers. Users can create folders according to the configured models, enter and edit data with complete traceability, and label hierarchies according to the specified version rules. Graphical input validation and a fast search engine ensure a satisfying user experience.

Once data is entered through the AgileDoc® Elements database, it is immediately available to external applications through a set of simple optimized database queries. For example, a single query can return all of the required annotation for a specific version of a Detailed Design Specification (DDS).

A common use case for AgileDoc® Elements is to move information that is stored in spreadsheets into a centrally-managed, secure, multi-user environment.








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