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Periodic Assessment

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals. These indicators may differ company to company, but always serve the same purpose - evaluating the success of an activity. For example, a pharmaceutical manufacturer may identify conductivity as a KPI for a CIP cycle, while a paper manufacturer may select quantity of scrap as its KPI.

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KPI reports are easy to generate using InfoBatch™. Statistics and custom calculations can be included to identify short and long term trends, areas of improvement, and the overall effectiveness of a facility.

InfoBatch "virtual campaigns" are a key enabler to periodic assessment. Virtual campaigns are an ad hoc collection of batches, product/grade runs, process cycles, etc., that can be reported on as a single entity. Authorized users can interactively create virtual campaigns through the InfoBatch web client, and subsequently generate KPI reports that track performance associated with each campaign. Periodic assessment tasks that once took days to perform manually can be now be accomplished in minutes.








KPI reports are easy to generate using InfoBatch

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