Roll Quality Management

Although specific problems may vary by industry, manufacturers in paper, plastics, metals, nonwovens, rubber and coating/converting industries face some common challenges. Manufacturing perfectly uniform rolls, day-after-day, is not an easy task. Variable raw materials, aging equipment and inconsistent operating conditions all conspire to make the perfect roll an unlikely achievement. Compound process issues with external business challenges such as fluctuating energy costs, escalating customer demands and continued price competition and you have significant obstacles to overcome in order to achieve profitability and long-term viability.

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Information Integration Benefits
There are many potential benefits to integrating roll quality and process data. Manufacturers can provide personnel with better tools for quickly assessing any process or quality deviation. Some specific benefits include the following:

  • Use objective methods for evaluating the quality of each and every roll
  • Base roll disposition decisions on detailed profile, defect, process trend and laboratory data
  • Advise operators immediately if product uniformity has degraded on the machine/line
  • Immediately scrap off-specification product without incurring additional downstream manufacturing costs
  • Downgrade rather than scrap marginal material
  • Eliminate the arbitrary scrapping of rolls based on limited data
  • Benchmark product grade runs to ensure that machines are always running at optimal efficiency
  • Replace paper travelers and log books with a centralized data archive that facilitates data mining
  • Automate and streamline Certificate of Analysis (COA) generation
  • Respond to downstream converting issues with precise process and quality data
  • Avoid costly customer complaints and returns

Informetric software has enabled roll goods manufacturers to improve quality and productivity with a suite of applications that are likely to complement existing systems. Click on the following links to learn more about specific solutions for roll goods manufacturing:








RQMS integrates process systems to improve the quality and productivity of roll goods manufacturing

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