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Certificates of Analysis

Customers of manufactured goods are increasingly requiring detailed compliance documentation. Depending upon the industry, this documentation is commonly referred to as Certificates of Analysis (COA), Certificates of Quality (COQ), or Certificates of Compliance. Creating compliance documentation is often a labor-intensive activity, tying up valuable resources that would be better utilized for process and product improvements. Not only is compliance documentation a time-consuming, error-prone task, quite often customer requirements cannot be satisfied in a cost-effective way.

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The Informetric COA Module streamlines compliance documentation with a completely configurable reporting suite. The COA Module benefits from Informetric's experience generating vaccine batch reports for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. Data for COAs is automatically acquired from existing manufacturing databases and historians, or manually entered through an electronic log sheet. The COA Module can bridge the gap between various MES, LIMS, and ERP environments.








Compliance documentation is streamlined using a configurable reporting suite

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