Life Sciences

Informetric software applications address data acquisition, information management and reporting challenges faced by manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices. These applications are well suited for integration with process automation and manufacturing information systems that are prevalent throughout the industry. In addition, Informetric software ensures regulatory compliance while providing tools for maintaining product quality, increasing production efficiency and providing full traceability.

  • InfoBatch™ Flexible Electronic Batch Reporting simplifies compliance reporting and process analysis with a completely configurable server-based solution. InfoBatch can acquire, contextualize and aggregate data from virtually every modern manufacturing automation and information system.
  • InfoLog™ Electronic Logsheets ensure accurate and complete event-driven data collection in a centrally-managed database. InfoLog enables manufacturers to consolidate data that was previously recorded on paper logs and in spreadsheet files. InfoLog provides security and traceability required for GMP manufacturing.
  • AgileDoc® Software Lifecycle (SLC) Document Generation generates the documentation required for GAMP compliance. AgileDoc automatically creates design documentation and test scripts, lowering project costs, eliminating audit risk and freeing up valuable engineering resources.
  • AgileDoc Elements® Controlled Data Management enables manufacturers to bring ancillary information, commonly referred to as “metadata”, into a centrally-managed, secure environment. AgileDoc Elements guarantees that data required for compliant reporting and documentation conforms to standards required for regulatory compliance.








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