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Nonwovens formation variation represents a special challenge with respect to ensuring the utmost product quality. A single defect can cause a filter or membrane failure, or result in a consumer complaint. Nonwovens manufacturers must take full advantage of profile and defect data to ensure downstream product performance. RQMS precisely tracks physical properties and associated data from upstream nonwovens production lines through to downstream converting. RQMS can be scaled from a simple profile/defect historian to a comprehensive production and quality management system.

RQMS has a library of interfaces for the leading web gauging and optical inspection systems. High-fidelity roll maps enable manufacturers to make informed decisions regarding the diposition of every roll. In addition, RQMS portal and reporting applications provide on-demand access to any data related to the production of a roll, including process trends and laboratory test results. This information is invaluable for routinely documenting product quality as well as investigating downstream product issues. Since all data related to the production history of each roll is available on-line, customer inquiries can be easily investigated and resolved.








RQMS provides on-demand access to any data related to the production of a roll