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Declining prices combined with fluctuating energy and furnish prices are creating tremendous margin pressures on paper manufacturers. Increasing throughput and eliminating scrap are more important than ever in order to achieve and maintain profitability.

RQMS provides key software technology that enables paper manufacturers to achieve the highest possible efficiency. RQMS precisely tracks profile and defect locations from the paper machine through to downstream converting, while integrating process historians, laboratory systems and business information systems.

RQMS is particularly well suited to operations with slitting and downstream converting. Runnablility issues in downstream operations can be investigated by quickly accessing upstream paper machine reel maps as well as interim coating and converting data. Since all data related to the production history of each roll is available on-line, customer inquiries can be easily investigated and resolved.

RQMS can provide the following capability:

  • Provide operators with a uniform method for determining the disposition of each reel and roll
  • Enable early detection of process aborations that could result in culled production
  • Provide easy-to-use tools for grade centerlining
  • Facilitate root-cause analysis of downstream runnability issues
  • Address customer complaints and return claims with precise on-line data
  • Satisfy increasing demands for detailed and traceable quality documentation
  • Provide intuitive web-based access to all process and quality data








Reduce scrap,
track production,
and document product quality