Informetric Releases Report Import/Export Utility

October 26, 2010 - Informetric Systems has released the Report Import/Export Utility. This utility is applicable to InfoBatchT, AgileDoc®, Informetric COA Module, RQMS Advanced Reporting and InfoLogT Web servers. The software enables the simple migration of reports from one report server to another.

The Import/Export utility assists off-site development of reports. For example, third party integrators or Informetric personnel can develop reports off-site and use the Import/Export utility to deploy the reports on a production server. In addition, customer sites can configure and test reports on an off-line development server before going live on a production system. The Import/Export utility checks prerequisites before importing the configuration. A detailed audit trail is created on import to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance.

Contact Informetric technical support for additional information.