Certificates of Analysis


The Informetric COA Module enables manufacturers to accommodate the most demanding customer documentation demands. A comprehensive interface library enables the COA Module to access data from existing manufacturing historians and databases.

The COA Module can aggregate data from various external manufacturing systems. For example, order information may originate in an ERP system, while test data resides in a LIMS, and critical process parameters are retrieved from a process historian.

COAs can include both top level summary statistics as well as item-by-item quality attributes. Reports can even include very detailed information such as graphical trends of critical process parameters corresponding to each product. Specification limits can be managed within the COA Module or accessed from an external system. Limits can be used to identify specification violations, or simply appear on a report for documentation purposes.

Client Application
The COA client is available as a Windows application or secure web client. Through either interface, the user can query and browse orders/shipments from external systems, and generate the desired customer-specific report. When a report is generated, the COA Module automatically retrieves the manufacturing and QA data from the appropriate systems and combines all of the relevant information into a single document.

The COA module is intended for use by manufacturing and quality personnel. Since reports are created through an intuitive point-and-click interface, no programming is required. As a result, the Quality Control/Assurance department can be less reliant on information technology staff for routine documentation tasks. The Configurator incorporates stringent security. In addition, the system maintains a detailed audit trail of all report changes, as well as a version history.

The AutoGen service allows COA documents to be automatically generated and printed. For example, the system can be configured to create an Acrobat PDF upon shipment.








Compliance documentation is streamlined using a configurable reporting suite

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