Certificates of Analysis


"Informetric software has saved me countless hours every week, going from machine to machine gathering sheet test results for all of our customers. With Informetric all legwork is done from my desk, and order numbers picked come up fast and correct. We're able to import to a PDF file, e-mail to customers and separate any out of spec tissue without covering the whole warehouse.

In addition, we can answer any customer questions about certain rolls or runs and support all information with machine data. Before Informetric, any complaint usually meant a truckload or order rejection. Now we're able to cull problem rolls that fall out of spec and the customer is able to convert the rest. I honestly don't know how we'd get along without Informetric now."

- Mike McAuliffe, Quality Manager
Erving Paper, Erving, Massachusetts








Compliance documentation is streamlined using a configurable reporting suite

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