InfoLog™ Electronic Log Sheets

InfoLog is a data entry application that automates data collection in a centrally managed environment based on a Microsoft SQL Server database engine. InfoLog is suitable for a wide range of input tasks including laboratory test data, machine logs, and downtime recording.

Benefits of collecting and managing data electronically
As facilities continually look for more efficient ways to run their operations, many are re-evaluating the way data is collected, stored and analyzed. If you are currently using paper records or spreadsheets to organize data, you are probably aware of the challenges and limitations involved. Switching to a system that electronically and automatically collects data minimizes issues involved with accuracy, security, accessibility, reporting and more.

Paper vs. Spreadsheets vs. Electronic Log Sheets:

Common Data Concerns Paper/Manual Records Spreadsheets Electronic Log Sheets


Prone to human error and omissions

Limited provision for checking integrity of entered data

Input verification ensures accurate and complete data


Difficult to organize/locate paper records

No multi-user access

Network-based, multi-user database application

No provision for authentication

No provision for electronic signatures

Rigorous security with option for Windows authentication

No means for accountability

No audit trail

Every change written to audit trail

Data must be
re-keyed into analytical software

Difficult to aggregate data for long-term analysis

All data archived in a central database with option for web-based reporting








InfoLog Electronic Logsheets consolidate data into a centrally-managed database

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