Legacy Connect OPC Servers

Legacy Connect for Measurex 2002
Type High-speed backplane interface
  • Measurex 2001, 2002, 2002 ET, VISION ET, VISION UT with Q-Bus Sensor Support Processor (SSP).
  • Open slot in SSP backplane.
  • Multi-channel serial driver for PC
  • OPC Data Access Server
  • High-speed parallel interface directly to sensor bus
  • Includes Q-Bus card, PCI card, and 25 ft. cable
  • Float, byte, ordinal, integer and string data types
  • Extensive profile array support
  • Read/Write
  • Configurable trigger logic
  • Interactive configuration utility
  • Bulk tag configuration import/export
  • Extensive diagnostic logging
  • Configured completely from PC. Requires no programming or configuration in Measurex systems
Description Legacy Connect for Measurex 2002 enables a wide range of Measurex web gauging systems to be accessed through the OPC protocol. Supported systems include Measurex 2001, Measurex 2002, Measurex 2002 ET, Measurex VISION ET/UT, and MxOpen platforms. This interface incorporates a Q-bus card that plugs into the Sensor Support Processor (SSP) bus, and a corresponding PCI card for the PC. The optional QuikLoad feature replaces the floppy drives on selected system types.








Legacy Connect incorporates OPC Server technology to ensure compatibility with leading industrial software environments