Legacy Connect OPC Servers

Legacy Connect for NDC Open Access
Type Network TCP/IP interface
  • NDC 8000 with Ethernet controller and Open Access Protocol
  • Windows NT/2000/XP computer with Ethernet connection to NDC network
  • Consult Informetric for NDC systems with the serial Open Access protocol
  • TCP/IP driver for NDC Open Access protocol
  • Interfaces to NDC 8000 via Ethernet network
  • OPC Data Access Server
  • Open Access symbol names
  • Configurable event triggers
  • Extensive profile array support
  • Interactive configuration utility
  • Bulk tag configuration import/export
  • Extensive diagnostic logging
Description Legacy Connect for NDC Open Access enables NDC 8000 gauging systems to be accessed through a network connection to the gauging processor.








Legacy Connect incorporates OPC Server technology to ensure compatibility with leading industrial software environments